20 people die of swine flu in Georgia
30 Yanvar, 16:54   |    Baxış sayı: 453

20 people die of swine flu in Georgia

Georgia has confirmed through laboratory conditions that 20 people have died of "swine flu” A (H1N1), Director General of the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health of Georgia Amiran Gamkrelidze said.

As to him, the decline has been observed in "swine flu” incidence in the past four weeks: "The decline is observed not only in terms of spread but regarding the hospitalization. Though decrease is not sharp, in any case growth is not recorded. The number of applications for emergency medical care and 24-hour health care facilities is also decreasing."

Gamkrelidze said that the exact information on"swine flu" will be announced at the end of the influenza season.(report)