Four IS terrorists detained in Turkey
02 Fevral, 18:06   |    Baxış sayı: 712

Four IS terrorists detained in Turkey

Four members of the "Islamic State" (IS) were detained in Turkey, reports via the Turkish media on Feb. 2.

The detainees tried to leave Turkey illegally.

The names of the detainees and details of the operation are not made public.

Twelve people were detained in Istanbul as part of an operation against the IS in December 2018.

On Nov. 5, a major operation was carried out against members of the "Islamic State" in 11 provinces of Turkey. Some 24 people, who were engaged in raising funds for terrorists in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Libya, were arrested.

Also, cash money of more than $500,000 and more than two million Turkish liras were confiscated during the operation. The names and nationalities of the detainees were not disclosed.

Meanwhile, 33 members of IS were detained in Istanbul in July.


As part of special operations in May 2018, the Istanbul police detained 51 members of the IS terrorist organization.

Syrian citizen Riad Haji Osman, one of the IS executioners, was detained during a special operation in Turkey’s Adana Province on Apr. 13.

Kifah Bashir Hussein, the so-called minister of health of IS, was detained in Sanliurfa in southeastern Turkey on Jan. 24.

On Jan. 12, the Turkish police detained the so-called minister of agriculture of IS, Tarik Ahmet.

In December 2017, a 28-year-old terrorist nicknamed Mahmud, one of the IS executioners, was detained in Turkey’s Hatay Province on the border with Syria.